intra muros = design within walls

we are a los angeles based firm started by interior designer nadia barker.

nadia has a design background in music video and film production and a hollywood pedigree, her grandmother was academy award 
winner susan hayward.

born in los angeles and raised in europe, she 
experienced the best of both worlds, sunfilled easygoing los angeles and the historic charm of germany's black forest

later she honed her design skills at ucla and by working for noted designers such as kelly wearstler and ann ascher.

talent for researching antiquities and eclectic textiles eventually found her consulting on several bar and restaurant projects in the los angeles 
area, with “decidedly refreshing takes on historical styles”. in march of 2007 she opened her own design firm to take on a few small budget minded residential projects in silverlake that most designers would shrink from.

taking on the challenge of “no budget is too small” nadia completed the renovation of a charming bungalow in silverlake, california, for under $8,000.00 (not including labor).

even though this project was a complete 360 from the high-end residential projects she usually works on, she enjoyed the experience.  
“i used color in the space to create flow from 
one room to another and the clever recycling of existing pieces. i wanted to help the homeowners have the showplace they always dreamed of”.  

in addition to the three week design time and subsequent “turn key” installation, was a revelation,  “we all have seen those tv shows where 
designers finish a room in 24 hours, and the reality is that the designers do not have to live there, or sit there, or sleep there.  i wanted to create that same 'ta da' experience, but with a high level of detail and quality in the fabrics, antiques and lighting, which i think we did by thinking out of the box with our sources".

in the future, nadia plans to focus on residential projects because she enjoys the one-on-one relationship with the client and is interested in creating more custom furniture designs.